A home protected by our home insurance in Beaver Falls, PA

Home Insurance in Beaver Falls, PA

If you’re like most homeowners, your home is your most valuable asset; protect it with homeowner’s insurance. Homeowner’s policies provide the peace of mind that comes only from knowing your investment is secure in the case of damage from natural disaster, extreme weather, fire, or other losses. In addition, home insurance also protects you and your family from legal costs if you, other residents of your home, or your pets are accused of causing injury to others while on your property.

Yorke Insurance Agency offers homeowners in Ambridge, Beaver Falls, Cranberry Township, Ellwood City, Monaca and New Castle a range of coverage options, including:

  • Structural damage
  • Personal Possessions
  • Liability
  • Living Expenses
  • Structural Damage

If your home is damaged by fire, vandalism, theft or severe weather, homeowner’s insurance will cover the costs of repair or reconstruction. Some policies also cover your landscaping and outdoor structures such as fences and outbuildings. If you live in an earthquake or flood zone, ask your Yorke Insurance agent about adding these coverage options to your policy.
Personal Possessions
If your belongings are damaged or stolen, your homeowner’s insurance policy will reimburse you. Covered items may include furniture, jewelry, artwork, collectibles, equipment, electronics, and clothing. Add an off-premises option to your policy to extend coverage of your belongings to anywhere you may go. Some policies also include coverage for damaged or lost shrubs, trees and other landscaping features.
If someone sustains an injury — or their property is damaged — while they’re visiting your property, your home insurance offers protections against lawsuits. Your policy covers legal expenses and medical costs for the injured party, even if you’re not found legally responsible for the damage or injury. Remember, damage or injury caused by negligent home ownership is not covered under a liability policy.
Living Expenses
If your home is damaged by fire, storms, natural disasters or otherwise rendered inhabitable, your living expense policy will cover the costs of staying in a hotel, including meals, and other temporary living expenses. Homeowner’s insurance may also cover the costs of lost rent.
Ask your Yorke Insurance agent about the homeowner’s insurance coverage that’s best for your specific needs. Call us today for a free quote!